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Letter 2 (give)

Dear You,
You have probably figured it out by now that she puts other people’s happiness ahead of her own. That just goes to show how big her heart is. She is a giver. She gives even when people dont deserve it or even when she doesnt have much. Most people misinterpret that as she is looking for attention, annoyance, or as an opportunity to take advantage of her. Please don’t get annoyed with her gifts to you; her intention is not to smother you. I promise the smallest things such as the gift of her smile and laughter or her writing you cute notes will mean the most to you if you ever lose her. In order to prevent losing her you have to give to her, and give with your heart not your wallet. Give her memories, laughter, intimacy. You’re lucky she’s not a woman who demands diamonds flowers and expensive dinners. Simply reading one of her favorite poems allowed and discussing the literary elements with her would be enough. Remember to give as she gives to you.


I’ve decided to take on a new writing project. I’ve recently entered a new relationship 2 months ago with a wonderful man who is completely different than me. This isn’t the first time I’ve done the whole opposites attract ordeal, but it is the first time I’ve seriously felt an immense amount of emotions for anyone.

I know I’m not the easiest person to be around and I’m different which is why the majority of my relationships have failed. In order to kind of prevent that from happening I decided to write letters from the perspective of an ex on my personality and needs to help me get out my feelings into words and help me work on myself so I can better my future relationship.

Letter 1 (Priority)

Dear You,
You need to make her a priority; she has to come first. Yes, school, work, and family are important priorities as well but don’t lose sight of her worth and keep her ranked in a position that won’t keep her guessing. Don’t treat her like an obligation. You have to understand, she loves, and when she loves she does so with her whole heart. And she loves you. You become her everything…you become her entire world. Please, love her just as much if not more and make her feel that she’s your world too.

I want a lot of things that he can’t give me
Not emotionally…physically.

Turn ons

When he grabs the back of my head or holds my face when we kiss.
When he bites my lips.
When he kisses my neck.
When he’s aggressive.
When he calls me babe.
When he kisses my shoulder.